Gain clarity and inner peace by clearing the energetic imprints of emotional wounds!

Are you tired of beating yourself up for not being able to change unhealthy habits and behaviors? Are you always putting your self-care off until tomorrow because you’re spending too much time tending to the needs of others? Do you wish you had a mute button for your negative self-talk? Do you wish you could quiet your monkey mind so you can slow down and enjoy life more? Are you open to allowing energy and spirit to help you release old habits and beliefs? Do you want to make changes in your life but you don’t know where to begin and you don’t know who to ask?

Is this you?  Then keep reading!

As a result of this package you will:

  • Gain inner peace by clearing blockages in your energetic field.
  • Learn essential tools for prioritizing self-care and advocating for your well-being.  
  • Discover clues about your true life purpose so you can begin to live life aligned to your soul's priorities.  

What's included?

Step 1: Assess. 

Complete your introductory intake survey to determine what is the core issue that you want to work on releasing. As you are preparing for this session you'll be asked to assess your current team of healthcare practitioners and determine where you might need additional support. 

Step 2: Dive Deep. 

In this 90 minute session I will scan your energetic field and track any disturbances in your field using sacred crystals.  Any intrusive energies presenting themselves will be cleared.   We will end with an Illumination of the areas in your field that were affected and close with a decoupling session to ensure that the fight-or-flight system is reset.

Step 3: Do the Inner Work. 

You will be given a series of tasks to complete to help solidify your intentions. You will also complete a series of simple creative activities where you can begin to own your new insights, deepen your commitment to your new intentions, and connect more deeply to your higher self. 

Step 4: Get Clear.   

In our 30-minute follow-up session we will map out your goals and ensure they align with your soul's purpose, as uncovered through the work that we will have done together. I'll help you clarify any lingering doubts or confusion you might have and you'll be one step closer to achieving the kind of inner peace that will help you slow down and enjoy life more. 

Let's get Started!

I know how hard it is to take that first step in your journey towards real, meaningful holistic wellness. That's why I want to help. Let's take that first step together on the pathway to you leading your most fabulous and creative life!

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Complete the intake survey to help you crystallize your focus for our work together.
Once we complete the first session you'll have 2 weeks to complete the follow-up exercises. 
You'll be prompted to book your follow-up appointment.
In our follow-up session you'll get clear on your purpose and we will set goals aligned with that purpose.